Scouting Information

You can become a Boy Scout right away if you're the right age. If you are not yet old enough, you can join Cub Scouting, the branch of Scouting for younger boys. Cub Scouts have a great time with other guys their own age. As you enter the fourth grade, you may move into your Cub Scout pack's Webelos den. There you will learn all you must know to become a Boy Scout. You don't need to have been a Cub Scout or Webelos Scout to become a Boy Scout. Your leaders will teach you the skills you need to be a successful Scout.

In order to become a Boy Scout, you must:

If you are interested in joining Troop 81, please send an email to:

If you live in DuPage or Kane counties please check

If you don't know where a Scout troop meets, ask Scouts in your neighborhood or school. They will invite you to their next meeting. You can also call the Boy Scout of America at The National office will put you in touch with a nearby troop. Even if you live where there is no troop, you can take prt in the Boy Scout program by becoming a Lone Scout. There are people at the national office who can tell you how this works.

Joining Requirements

At your first troop meeting, your Scoutmaster will explain the following joining requirements of the Boy Scouts of America: